The VS+CO 10-Point Advantage

  1. We’re an established firm with a proud heritage and an outstanding reputation serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties since 1921.
  2. We’re a mission-driven organization with an unwavering commitment to delighting our customers, and our customers’ customers.
  3. Our values align with yours.
  4. Our focus on customer satisfaction and getting the job done right is unparalleled.
  5. We are dedicated – our team has rarely missed a single day of work in the last 15 years!
  6. We have a manpower advantage, which allows us to make up for delays in other aspects of a project.
  7. Given our extensive knowledge, experience and relationships with people throughout the industry, “you can’t afford NOT to do business with us!”
  8. No one knows how to provide Quality and Value in Finishes better than we do.
  9. We take pride in our finished product – and it shows!
  10. We’ve re-located to Stamford, CT, for convenience and to better serve our customers.